working platforms

Our working platforms make construction, installation or maintenance works easier. Placing of a working platform takes much less time than assembling of scaffolding, easy control of the working cage extends the working radius and the solid floor makes work safer.

We rent manipulators and various types of working platforms, which make work at height easier. These devices are appreciated as a useful helper with construction, installation or maintenance. Our working and lifting platforms are able to function up to 32 m and all our devices are certified for road traffic within the Slovakian Republic.


Assembling and disassembling of scaffolding are time consuming activities and require a number of qualified personnel. Placing of a lifting platform takes incomparably less time and thanks to its easy control the working radius is increased significantly. The solid and non-skid floor adds security to work at height. Our working and lifting platforms are often used for:


  • installation and posting of billboards
  • works on building façade
  • installation and painting of anti-fire distribution systems
  • street lights maintenance
  • installation of steel constructions and building sheathing
  • construction and warm insulation works
  • electrics and air conditioning installations
  • pruning




A rented platform must remain fully functional to keep the time schedule of your project intact. That is why we not only rent working platforms but also provide the full service. Our fast and professional service prevents any unnecessary delay at your work.